ISP-Planet: Predictive Network Capacity Planning Tool

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“Clairvoyant Software last week announced the release of
ForeCAST Resource Manager, a software application that, according
to the company is “the first product capable of true predictive
capacity planning” for Internet access and E-commerce

Specifically, the tool predicts when network and system
resources will reach saturation levels and additional capacity will
be needed.
It can be calibrated to give months of warning, if
need be….”

“Software requirements for deploying ForeCAST Resource Manager
include Red Hat Linux 5.1 or later, and Apache 1.3.1 or later Web
server. Hardware requirements include a Pentium-class PC running at
266MHz or faster with at least 64 MB RAM and two GB of hard drive
storage. ForeCAST may be purchased bundled with Cobalt Networks,
Inc. Cobalt RaQ 2 server appliance.”