IT-Director: Jiro clarifies Sun’s open intentions

“…Jiro refers to the provision of a set of Java APIs for
storage management such that applications can access storage
resources directly, regardless of what operating system is being
run. …runs on the Java Virtual Machine [JVM], and this is how it
retains its machine independence. Jiro also depends on Jini, the
Sun directory initiative, for a number of services including
discovery of storage resources.

“The JVM is essentially a stripped down, free operating
: through JVM extensions such as Jini and Jiro, plus
application support through the Enterprise Java Bean specification,
Java is starting to encroach on areas which are worth a lot of
money to certain players. Such facilities, it could be argued,
reduce the need for an operating system to a device-specific
microkernel – maybe they don’t yet, but there is every reason that
they will in the future. In fact, the net result of Java-based
‘open standards’ is to encourage commoditisation of operating
system software and hence to reduce its relevance.”