Linux Gazette: Striping and Mirroring RAID under RedHat 6.0

“What is RAID? Well, it basically gives you the power to do some
funky stuff with multiple hard drives. It lets you combine hard
drives, split data amongst several hard drives, and do other
things. It can increase the speed to write and read your data to
your hard drives and it can make backup copies of your hard drives
so that if one hard drive crashes, you can most likely retrieve all
your data. Read more about the RAID Levels from The Software-RAID
HOWTO right now to get a better idea about the different types of
Software RAID.”

“Also, you will need to setup several small partitions for this
example. I suggest having 1 gig of diskspace free for an extended
partition, and then to make 100 meg logical partitions out of the
extended partition. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE only test raiding on
a hard drive you don’t care about. If you screw it up, it is your
fault, even if my documentation is incorrect.”

I am ONLY going to show you how to setup a strip for DATA
only. This means, I won’t be striping the main operating system.
There can be problems trying to strip an entire system, and so, I
won’t do it here.