LinuxPR: LAND-5 Introduces Universal Network Attached Storage Solution…

“LAND-5 Corporation today introduced the iCEbox(TM)
InstaNAS(TM), a versatile 1U thin server and software that can
instantaneously turn any industry standard JBOD (“just a bunch of
disks”) storage enclosure into a powerful network attached storage
solution. Capable of interfacing Wide Ultra2 or fibre-channel
storage to existing Ethernet networks, the powerful iCEbox InstaNAS
transforms “dumb” SCSI or fibre-channel storage into reliable RAID
storage suitable for mission-critical applications. Existing
Linux, UNIX and Windows clients can enjoy immediate, transparent
access to multiple terabytes of additional network storage.
to 42 of these compact systems can be installed in a single
full-height RETMA rack.”

“Cost-effective and highly reliable, the iCEbox InstaNAS is
pre-configured with LAND-5’s powerful iceNAS(TM) software. Typical
installation time is less is less than 30 minutes, and does not
disrupt existing network users.”

“LAND-5’s network operating software, iceNAS(TM), is based on
enhanced Linux software. A user-friendly Internet browser interface
guides local or remote system administrators through management,
security and RAID storage set-up. LAND-5’s iceNAS software features
transparent NFS and SMB/CIFS file access, NIS, support for NT
services, plus sophisticated storage management functions including
volumes, shares and quotas. Local backup to an optional internal
tape device is supported. Remote backup over a network is also an