LinuxPR: LAND-5 Targets Linux Community with High-Availability RAID Storage Solutions

“LAND-5 Corporation, a San Diego-based manufacturer of disk RAID
arrays, tape RAID arrays and network attached storage solutions,
now provides an assortment of fault-tolerant disk RAID arrays and
network attached storage solutions to Linux resellers, developers
and integrators. LAND-5’s “plug and play” ICEbox RAID and JBOD
storage systems offer economical solutions for on-line
mission-critical environments such as web servers, e-mail servers,
e-commerce applications and databases.

“Linux’s multi-tasking nature, stability and community-based
support system has provided a natural breeding ground for
developing on-line solutions,” remarks Al Kernek, LAND-5’s Vice
President of Marketing. “LAND-5’s technology continues the
maturation of the Linux movement by providing affordable and
reliable `Linux-friendly’ storage solutions. ICEbox storage
solutions are “plug and play” compatible with SCSI-based Linux
servers and industry standard networks.”

“LAND-5’s Linux-friendly solutions include external disk RAID
arrays, tape RAID arrays and network attached storage (NAS)
systems. The ICEbox DS 2000, a compact rack-mountable disk RAID
storage system, performs parallel reads and writes on up to
eighteen spindles and is scalable to several terabytes of on-line
storage. Designed to provide high-performance access to critical
information, the DS 2000 offers multiple host connectivity in a
“plug and play” environment. A resident hardware RAID controller
with optional active/active redundant controllers enhances system
performance, enabling the DS 2000 to serve all mission critical
applications. Up to six DS 2000 systems can be configured in a
single RETMA rack for almost four terabytes of online storage.”