LinuxWorld: IBM hopes to block out Sun with new Unix initiative

IBM’s “most significant Unix announcement ever” includes
lots on processing power, storage capabilities, operating system
enhancements, and Project Monterey — but was decidedly less
“significant” on the Linux and open source fronts…

“According to IBM Vice President of Strategy and Business
Operations Robert Amezcua, IBM software engineers are not
contributing to kernel development. Meanwhile, Hackett told
LinuxWorld that IBM has “not yet taken AIX technology and made it
open source … but we have not yet ruled that out, either.”

“When asked what license would be used to cover the open source
release of the Linux Application Execution Environment next year,
Hackett said that the company did not know, and that it would
likely be a “generic source license … probably not GNU,” she
said, (referring to the GNU project’s General Public License).”