LWN: SEUL/edu Linux in education report #1

“David Moore has just released version 0.6.0 of Authenticated
User Community (AUC). This is one of the SEUL/edu-supported
projects. It has been uploaded to the website at ;. There are a
variety of new features and flexibility enhancements beyond the
previous version. Here’s a brief description of AUC:”

“Authenticated User Community (AUC) is an intranet system
designed for use in a K-12 setting but is also useful in many other
settings. It offers the ability for users to have a uniform
web-based interface to discussion forums, e-mail (similar to
hotmail, etc.), file management, and a searchable user database.
Also, “Interactive Classrooms” provide a means for students and
teachers to have a web-based extension to their in-class
interaction. The system runs from a C-based monolithic CGI script.
MySQL is used for database storage. Also, the web-based mail client
supports MIME parts/attachments, IMAP, mbox, and multiple mail

Bruno Vernier of SEUL/edu has been working on developing an
XML DTD for educational information, called EduML.
While XML
should be inherently open and cross platform, the only other
efforts in this direction that we’re aware of, Schools
Interoperability Framework (SIF)…and IMS…both seem to lack
something in their execution. EduML has been designed by a working
teacher who probably knows more about the needs of teachers and
their students that the companies and bureaucracies that are
driving the other efforts….”

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