M2 Presswire: Seagate’s entire tape drive line certified Linux compatible

“Seagate Technology today announced that its entire line of tape
backup drives has been certified with Linux… Seagate received
certification on its Hornet Travan, Scorpion DAT and Sidewinder AIT
tape drives through the Linux tape certification program, managed
by Enhanced Software Technologies.

” ‘As Linux continues to gain acceptance on multiple computing
platforms, Seagate will be there to fulfil the backup needs of
those environments,’ said Ian Rothery, Sales Manager Europe, Middle
East and Africa at Seagate Removable Storage Solutions. ‘It’s
important that Linux users have a dependable means to backup,
restore and protect the data they rely on every day, and Seagate
has been proactive in its efforts to make certain our Travan, DAT
and AIT drives are completely compatible with and the Linux
operating system.’ “

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