Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Buyer’s Guide

[ Thanks to Amy Newman for this link.

“ZFS gained kudos for providing a high level of data integrity
and scalability, which has the potential to serve well as the basis
for huge data repositories. Prior to the Oracle purchase, ZFS was
gaining ground in combination with OpenSolaris as an inexpensive
and effective way to mirror data across disks, thereby enabling
redundancy and reliability on JBODs (Just a Bunch of Disks).

“In addition, ZFS offers copy-on-write (so there is no need to
buy additional snapshot features), block checksums to detect
corruption, an integrated file system/volume manager, write
bundling and dynamic striping.

“These new ZFS boxes incorporate the rich feature set of
traditional ZFS software. However, they also include several
enhancements that highlight Oracle’s promise to continue investing
in its many Sun storage assets.”

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