PRNewswire: Image Power releases Linux image viewer for FaxPC

“Image Power, Inc. (CDNX:IPZ) introduced today a Linux image
viewer for FaxPC that supports JBIG2 image decoding plus a variety
of other file formats. The first version of this new viewer was
made available today at the FaxPC Web site and supports Red Hat,
Debian, Caldera, SuSE and Slackware versions of Linux.”

“In addition to supporting JBIG2, the image viewer will
support a wide variety of file formats used in image transmission
and storage, including the more popular formats BMP, EPS, G3, G4,
and TIFF.
The viewer is available in two formats, DPackage
(deb) and Red Hat Package Manager (rpm), and supports the majority
of Linux platforms. The viewer is available at no cost to
subscribers of the FaxPC service, and may be downloaded from the
FaxPC website at www.faxpc.com.”

” ‘Porting JBIG2 compression to Linux is an important first step
to the adoption and migration of our next generation technologies.
We’ve ensured that FaxPC stays at the forefront of technology by
being the first universal messaging service offering both Linux and
JBIG2,’ said Stephen Swift, president of Image Power. ‘The Linux
operating system figures prominently in our future plans. We
believe that Linux will be seen increasingly in the Internet server
and embedded appliance markets, places where image compression is
going to be integral to functionality.’ “

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