PRNewswire: LAND-5 Chosen by BigStorage Inc. For Enterprise NAS Solutions

“BigStorage, Inc., a division of Torque Systems, a major storage
integrator focused on the Linux marketplace announced today that it
has selected the LAND-5 iCEbox family of high-performance network
attached storage (NAS) products for its enterprise-level solution.
Providing high-availability and transparent file access by
Linux, UNIX and Windows NT clients
, iCEbox NAS solutions
provide up to 10 terabytes of online RAID storage and can be
installed in minutes without disrupting existing network

“LAND-5 offers two NAS solutions. The iCEbox StoragePod(TM)
holds up to 18 Ultra2 SCSI or fibre-channel disk drives, fitting
655GB in a high-availability 6U rack-mountable enclosure. The
StoragePod offers up to 4.5TB of instant network RAID storage. The
recently announced iCEbox UltraPod(TM) is an entry-level solution
that accommodates up to four hot-swappable disk drives and an
internal tape drive, comes in a small 2U enclosure, and is
expandable to over 10 terabytes of fibre-channel RAID storage. Both
products exhibit aggressive price/performance.”

“Founded in 1989, BigStorage, Inc., a division of Torque
Systems, is the market leader in integrated-storage solutions,
services and information for the Linux platform. BigStorage offers
a complete line of services, including LiveResponse 24/7 telephone
support, onsite support, online product reviews and a gateway to
the Linux community. BigStorage is committed to the development of
the Linux operating system as shown by our participation in Linux
storage initiatives and sponsorship of the ReiserFS journaling file
system project.”

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