TechWeb: Seagate Aims Linux Appliances At ASPs

Seagate…plans to introduce a suite of Linux-based server
appliances starting with a storage appliance to be co-developed
with Mountain View, Calif.-based Cobalt….

“The agreement between the two companies calls for Seagate to
have access to Cobalt’s worldwide installed base of service
providers for co-marketing of the coming products. They will also
be available through Seagate’s normal distribution channels, as
well as via a direct sales force the company is starting to work
with, said Valerie Nagler, vice president of business development
at the ISG.”

“Seagate is one of the last of the major hard-drive vendors to
enter the storage systems market. IBM…has had enterprise storage
subsystems as well as network-attached storage (NAS) products for
some time.”