The Road to Ubuntu: Backup Hell

“My journey from XP to Ubuntu has stalled as I fight with Gutsy
Gibbon to recreate my file backup regime under Linux.

“I’m very anal when it comes to data backups. Under XP, I use
Handy Backup to automate a series of backup tasks. As a wordsmith I
work with text files, using NoteTab Pro, which keeps file sizes
down and is cross-platform friendly. I keep the all the text files
I’m currently working on in the one folder, which is backed up to a
1GB SD card in a card reader in the PC Card slot of my ThinkPad
T60. I autosave and back up these files to the SD card every 10
minutes, and keep a few days worth. This means I only lose a few
minutes work if my hard drive fails (which has already happened to
my ThinkPad once). If I’ve got a deadline looming I can just pull
out the SD card, move to another computer, keep working and worry
about the failed hard drive later…”