TheStuff.net: Interview with Bill Parish

[ Thanks to Bob
for this link. ]

“It is great to see companies like Red Hat, VA and Andover
dedicated to new technology filing for IPO’s. That is what
energizes this great economy of ours.”

“As we move to a more services intensive structure, a good
example being storage services, a key issue might be how well Linux
helps others enable these services. The key here will be each Linux
vendor’s ability to offer a value added service.”

“The fundamental issue is that Microsoft is incurring massive
losses and only by accounting illusions are they able to show a
profit. My study basically explains how they are using a variety of
techniques to create a cash machine based, not on product sales,
but rather tax loopholes and plundering the retirement system, in
particular teacher pensions. The situation is very similar to how
Charles Keating plundered the Savings and Loan Banks.”