ZDNet: Exchange files from phone to phone

“A new online service lets cell phone and other wireless
users share files quickly and securely from any location or email
files to each other.”

“StoragePoint.com, in San Diego, has launched wireless access
protocol (WAP) support for its WebDrive file storage and exchange
system. In addition to cell phones, handhelds from Palm can also
use the service, if they have been equipped with Ericsson’s WAP

“The file storage and exchange service has been available for
desktop users of Linux, Macintosh and Windows since late 1999. With
usage of mobile phones growing, a key constituency is the mobile
worker wanting to link to their corporate data centers. “Extending
the service to cellular phones and other wireless devices will be
key to meeting the information needs of employees on the road and
other mobile workers,” said Scott Zimmerman, chief executive of