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Another News Site? Really?

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That was the initial reaction I had when I first learned about Blue GNU, a new free software news and information site that just launched yesterday. In fact, I was responding to the the founder of that site, who'd asked me to take a look at it a couple of weeks ago to see what I thought.

The space in which Linux Today competes is a bit of a crowded one these days, as the huge increase in Linux, open source, and free software news means there's certainly a need for sites like LXer, FSDaily, Tuxmachines, and--now--Blue GNU. Even if I, like many an only child, don't like to share.

In truth, I used to think of these sites as competitors, but over time I realized that this really isn't the case. Each of these aggregate sites are different, and what makes them so, I discovered, are the people who run them. Each site's staff and editorial policy brings its own perspective on the world of Linux, and having different points of view just gives us all a more complete picture.

It is the editor of Blue GNU, I think, that will make this site stand out. It is none other than Don Parris, former editor in chief of LXer. It may surprise some of you to read this from me, given some of the bad history between LXer's founder and Linux Today. But the actions of one person does not have to reflect upon the actions of others. My professional relationship with Don is one example of that.

Don and I have pinged each other on and off many times since his tenure at LXer began, but we really began talking a lot when we audited the Tux500 Project together. Given the ups and down of that project (mostly ups, I think), we had many opportunities to chat about the community and a journalist's place in it.

I was saddened to hear that Don left LXer, but was heartened by the fact that he was not leaving the world of Linux entirely. And you should be, too. Blue GNU is going to target mostly free software news, according to Don, which is a unique angle from Linux Today, which focuses more on the business and technical side of Linux and open source.

So, yes, there's another news site out there. One more way for us to look at the big picture... now with just a bit more blue shading.

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