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September 2007 Archives

Software Freedom Road Rally

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On Friday me and my merry men will be heading to Columbus,OH for the Ohio Ohio LinuxFest.

It must have been the fanboy mention, because some folks at OpenVZ let me in on a scoop for an announcement they plan to make sometime in the next few days.

The gist of the news is this: the project team has released a Live CD version of the CentOS 4.4 distribution that will include the OpenVZ software, so users can essentially stick a CD in their machine's drive and test-drive OpenVZ in just a few minutes.

Tale as old as time--well, at least since 1991.

Microsoft-centric vendor gets the idea from current and potential customers that this Linux thing is not such a bad idea. Said vendor checks out the biggest Linux distros out there and goes to work porting their flagship application to said distro and then makes a big announcement.

The vendor, in this case, is DigitalPersona, Inc. But they didn't exactly follow the script.

There's been a lot of talk recently about the new Eudora adoption into the Mozilla project . But there is another PIM and email project that is interesting, it's the Chandler Project.

OpenVZ and the SLES Kernel

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I think my interest in virtualization was really jump-started when I saw Kir Kolyshkin give a quick OpenVZ demo at SCALE 4X a couple of years ago.

That sounds rather fanboy-ish, but truthfully until that time my only experience with virtualization was with a ponderously slow VMWare client running Red Hat on a Window XP machine. Yick.

Here's a little test for you--quick, name the hardware vendor about which the following was said:

[their] commitment to providing high-quality drivers that meet the needs of the mobile Linux community is second to none.
--Matthew Garrett, Ubuntu Mobile Linux Engineer

I tend to suggest that... you buy [a machine] with [company's] graphics and wireless. That takes care of the 2 biggest annoyances right there.
--Linus Torvalds

(See source at the end of this post)

Touchgraph--Data Visualization

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I have been playing around with a data visualization tool called TouchGraph. The TouchGraph Google Browser reveals the network of connectivity between websites, as reported by Google's database of related sites.

Not So Fast

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While I will be the first to say that any journalist worth his salt should be prepared to apologize for things he or she may have incorrectly published or broadcast, it should be noted that such apologies should at least pretend to be sincere.

Such was not the case with the late-to-the-funeral mea cupla from Forbe's Daniel Lyons published yesterday over on Forbes.com.

Would Dostoevsky Use the GPL?

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To GPL or not to GPL: What Would Dostoevsky Do?

"Thou wouldst go into the world, and art going with empty hands, with some promise of freedom which men in their simplicity and their natural unruliness cannot even understand, which they fear and dread- for nothing has ever been more insupportable for a man and a human society than freedom."
- The Grand Inquisitioner, Book 5, Chapter 5, The Brothers Karamazov

Update: Asia On My Mind

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After nearly a year's hiatus while I

  1. Moved to another city

  2. Wrote a book

  3. Remodeled part of my new house

  4. Traveled to five different trade shows,

I finally resumed my training in Taekwondo on Tuesday. My performance during the first training session at my new school wasn't stellar, but thankfully didn't suck. (My knees, however, are still complaining.)

Cracking The 'Pod

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I know I wasn't the only one who was irked when it was revealed last Friday that the latest generation of iPods being sold were going to contain a checksum function to block non-iTunes apps from communicating with Apple's funky little music product.

And I am sure I wasn't the only one chuckling when it was announced this past weekend the crack to bypass this feature has already been created.

I got a note from Kristen about her client Flektor, she had read a recent post I had made about "How to Pitch a Blogger" and so I thought I would check out her company's product. it's a way to create and publish content on the web.

Ubuntu Fails to Impress

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Okay, that was a catchy title but for the first time in my love affair with Ubuntu have I had an install failure. I tried to install Ubuntu on my Dell Inspirion 1505 and couldn't get X11 to automatically configure. It was very dissappointing. It's really not Ubuntu's fault, it's ATI's because they didn't open source their drivers. So my ATI Mobility x1400 video card wasn't supported by X.org.

Software Freedom Day

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As big a fan of open source software you might be surprised that I haven't always believed in open source development model. I really liked the idea of free (as in no cost) software but I didn't get the advantages of the freely distributable and alterable.

Smokin' Hot

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The company shipped my new computer to me yesterday, and for the first time in a while, I find myself the operator of a 64-bit machine.

Initially, I have to admit, I was trepidatious when I opened the box and saw the little green and orange AMD 64 Athelon sticker. The last time I tried running a 64-bit Linux box, things did not go well.

Today I got a note from NetApp co-founder and Executive Vice President Dave Hitz:

"I'm Dave Hitz, one of the co-founders of NetApp. I suspect that our lawsuit will trigger "discussion" (to put it politely) in the open source world. I didn't want you to be taken by surprise, since people may turn to you with questions. I wrote a blog with my thoughts on the situation." If you have any questions--or just want to chat--I'd love to talk with you this afternoon...