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True IT Tales of Horror: Dave's Not Here

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This True IT Tale of Horror takes place in an American public school district. It is my hope that this reassures parents everywhere that their precious future generations are being well-prepared for life by the finest and most dedicated minds in education. Dedicated to what, you ask? Well...um...

Mid-August is the busy time for administrative and tech staff at Precious Progeny Public School District. Principals and teachers are returning, and keeping the tech staff busy. Tech Derek calls administrative assistant Carol and says "Teacher Dave needs a new battery for his laptop, have you ordered it yet?"

Carol replies "When did he request it?"

Derek: "This was about 5 months ago."

Carol: "I never heard from Teacher Dave. There is no purchase order or request for one."

Derek: "Well, he said he ordered one five months ago."

Carol: "I'm not seeing anything from Teacher Dave, but never mind, I'm glad to place the order. I just need the type and model of his computer."

Derek: "Ok, I will get the serial number for you."

Carol (feeling a familiar headache beginning to build): "NO I don't need the serial number, just the type and model of his computer."

Derek: "Ok, no problem, thanks!"

Several days later...

Derek: "I went to get the serial number and Teacher Dave was not there. I will have him email you the serial number."

Carol: "Um...OK." Rummages for painkillers.

Several days later...

Carol: "Hey Derek, did you tell Teacher Dave to send me the info for the battery?"

Derek: "Yes, he should have emailed you."

Carol: "Well, he didn't, so I can't place the order."

Derek: "I'm going to be in his school tomorrow, so I'll get the information myself."

Many days later...

Carol: "Teacher Dave sent me an email with a budget code to pay for the battery, but no model number. I emailed him back and told him how to get the information by turning his computer over and reading the label on the bottom. Weren't you going to check his computer yourself?"

Derek: "Well yeah, but he said he could do it."

Carol: "Sure he can..." Hangs up and whimpers quietly to herself.

Many more days later...

Carol: "Derek, I received an email from Teacher Dave with this information: It's the Toshiba laptop model A 1912. Ok, I say what the hell is a model A? Is this a joke, or an old car or what?"

Derek thinks this is screamingly funny.

Carol: "This is like a dream, only not." Carol emails her fellow administrative assistant at Teacher Dave's building and asks her to help. She emails back later that day:

Admin. Asst.: "It is a Dell Inspiron 518, Serial #ABC8766."

Carol: "You get an A+ for getting the correct info, but wrong computer. I need the model and type of Teacher Dave's laptop."

Admin. Asst.: "I went in there and it is gone. He must have taken it home. I talked to him this morning and his laptop is at home and he told me he would get it for me."

I won't weary you with the remaining details, but you'll be pleased to know that Teacher Dave finally got his new battery in time for spring break.

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