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If It Scares Microsoft, It's Good For Everyone Else

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Tux Fleets of USB Keys to Boldly Go Where No Windows Has Gone Before, by Hung Chao-Kuei, is an excellent read all full of good insights, like "Microsoft is afraid of Linux-bootable usb keys" and "We shouldn't really care about what MS thinks. We should just mind our own business and boldly go where no windows has gone before."

Wise advice! It is an excellent article and an enjoyable read.

Here are a few things that are good for everyone but tired old monopolists who have lost their way, and have only bullying and propaganda left:

  • Open standards and real interoperability
  • A genuinely competitive computing marketplace, with real choices for home users and competitive bidding for business customers
  • An open, modern, user-customizable DRM-free PC BIOS
  • Multiple CPU architectures
  • Modern bootloaders that support whatever the user wants
  • Desktop, laptop, and netbook systems without the Windows tax
  • Operating systems that are completely customizable and that fit into a multitude of devices and uses, from tiny to supercomputers
  • Diskless systems that run from user-owned USB-keys
  • Honesty in tech reporting
  • User control of our own systems and data

Helios Nails It Again

ars technica - Windows DRM? We're OK with that is another worthy article submitted to Linux Today. Ken Starks makes a pertinent observation:

"You may be fine with Microsoft owning your data and that is sad enough, but to defend their "right" to do so is beyond sad"

I too wonder why anyone would be a fan of a company that is so abusive and hostile to its own customers. Is being the biggest gorilla all that matters? Is that what being a success means, and is that really something to admire?

Richard Stallman is often criticized as being out of touch and too fanatical. But I think that anyone who is really paying attention knows that if anything, that he's barely hard-core enough. The good news is Linux and FOSS are progressing so quickly, and with so much genuine innovation, we have multitudes of great tools for getting our work done quicker and easier, and for wowing customers of the monopolist who have been led to believe that innovation is charging newer, fancier prices for the same old junk. All the best tools and toys are in the FOSS world now, and everyone is welcome.

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