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Two Great Kid-Friendly Linux Projects

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I know this won't get the pageviews that a good rant will, so I guess you could say the rants subsidize the positive articles. At any rate this is not about me, but about two genuine community-driven Linux projects that aim to help children learn about tech, and to engage them in high tech in a good way, rather than trying to turn them into good little compliant button-pushers: the Helios Project and the Qimo 4 Kids project.

Qimo 4 Kids is a customized version of Ubuntu Linux designed especially to be attractive and useful to children age 3 and up. It has large icons, child-oriented applications, and a child-friendly mascot and color scheme.

The Helios Project is part of the Ken Starks Linux Advocacy Empire. You might recall some of Ken's more famous projects such as the Tux500 and Lindependence 2008. Lindependence inspired a number of similar events, and meanwhile Ken and his hardy crew continue with their core work, which is building Linux computers for children and families who can't buy their own computers.

Both projects are the best and most difficult advocacy, the kind that requires intensive hands-on and face-to-face teaching and work. There are no shortcuts for all the time and effort required. Please consider hitting their donation links and sending them a few bucks, and if possible donate some of your own time and expertise.

Please also post in the Comments any organizations that you think are worthy, and that offer opportunities for Linux geeks who want to lend a hand. Or flipper, as the case may be.

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