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Why I Love Linux and FOSS

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FOSS is all about giving power and control to individuals.

It embraces all of the important freedoms-- the freedom to create, share, invent, collaborate, learn, and change, all without penalties or artificial barriers.

It promotes transparency and accountability.

Everyone can play.

It fosters real innovation, not the fake kind that proprietary vendors are so fond of boasting about.

It promotes honesty.

It is a powerful force against tyranny.

It is a powerful force against shoddiness, and a powerful force for quality.

It doesn't force me to choose between my important personal principals and a paycheck.

Its success does not depend on people being stupid or deceived.

It brings people together from all over the planet.

It benefits everyone, even its enemies.

It is the one and and only savior from a rapacious, proprietary, locked-down micro-managed intrusive computing landscape.

It opens doors everywhere.

It rewards skill, ingenuity, and willingness to learn.

It rewards cooperation.

It doesn't provide hiding places for guilty parties to hide.

It succeeds on its own merits.

It puts powerful tools in the hands of anyone who wants to learn how to use them.

It accomodates all skill ranges, from beginner to guru.

It does not support pretense.

That's about all I can think of for now. Why do you love Linux and FOSS?

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