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Don't Get Me Wrong, Linux Sucks as Much as Windows

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I may be more aware of current FUD, disinformation, and anti-Linux propaganda trends because of my job. I visit dozens of Web sites every day and read all kinds of blogs, news, articles, and reader comments. So in case you hadn't noticed, here is the latest hot trend in anti-Linux baloney: supposed Linux fans and advocates who really really love Linux and have been using it for years, but can't recommend it for anyone else because "It's not ready."

If anyone challenges this is assertion, the Linux "fan" trots out all kinds of edge cases proving that Linux is not for anyone but elite geeks: no Photoshop, no Autocad, no $obscure-bit-of-very-specialized-software used by eight or ten people.

If someone challenges this escalating silliness and illogic with the sensible response, which is that people who need those applications obviously need to keep a Mac or Windows box around; but for the much larger number of users whose needs are met by the tens of thousands of available Linux apps it's not an obstacle, the trump card-- ok so it's not much of a trump card, but then if they were smart they wouldn't be propagating nonsense-- is "I hate computers and all operating systems suck."

Um. OK. It's also amusing to me how hard the astroturf brigades work to denigrate Linux, and yet with the same breath claim that it is insignificant. Until Digg did away with shouts, for one example, organized troll gangs buried many Linux stories, especially the ones that got popular and made the front page. That's a lot of effort against an insignificant OS.

What I notice most of all, and this has been true for years, is how negative the Microsoft trolls and astroturfers are. Can you recall the last time you read any positive comparisons, where the Windows fans said "Windows has these great features and I like them." I can't. It's all about tearing down.

Microsoft's Business Practices Hurt Everyone

The one big thing I don't get is why anyone would be a fan of Microsoft? Is it billionaire worship, the idea that any random robber baron is worth worshiping? Microsoft hurts everyone. DRM, stifled innovation, collusion with hardware vendors, worldwide malware damage in the tens of billions of dollars every year, price fixing, hardware fixing, corrupting legislative and standards bodies, no real competition except Linux-- why on earth would any rational person find that admirable?

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