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Google Frenzy and Mono Mania

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Just when I was getting thoroughly bored with Mono news, which is the same arguments recycled over and over, and little of anything more definitive from the Mono camp than "Same to you!", along came a tidal wave of Google Chrome OS news. The Chrome OS story is truly frightening, far more terrifying than Mono gaining a solid foothold in Linux distributions--- because the news is simply an announcement that the Chrome OS project has been officially launched. There is no OS yet. What levels of hysteria are going to be reached when the actual code is released? Rioting? Suicides? Looting?

I'm not much of a Google fan in any case. Google is the biggest data-collector and miner on the planet, and biggest voyeur, and for all of their high-falutin' bleating about doing no evil, they have no problem invading our privacy, and profiting from it, in whatever ways they want.

So what are the implications for a Linux-based Google OS? If they stick to a genuine Free/Open Source development and distribution model, and don't try to sneak in nasty stuff like an ultimate sneaky data collector with access to everything on the user's computer, it could be very cool. They have the size and clout to do nice preinstalled Linux OEM deals, and to improve hardware and peripheral support. We could see a sleek, attractive, efficient interface, and perhaps, at last, genuine cross-platform applications.

But of course what we will see is what they actually release. All of this speculating is fun, but I'm going to wait and see what really happens. OK so I may indulge in some occasional opinionating because it's easy and fun. But other than that, I'm going to wait.

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