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Good Stories That Didn't Make Linux Today, 8/18/2009

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We can't post all the worthy news and howto stories that are submitted to Linux Today, and there are many interesting but not exactly Linux-related stories that are sad to pass up. So here is an assortment of cool stories that didn't make the cut.

Apple Investigates iPhone Explosion Rumors

"Apple Inc is investigating media reports that one or more of the company's iPhones have exploded in Europe, a European Commission spokeswoman said on Tuesday."

DoJ OK with RIAA's Thomas-Rasset award

"The Department of Justice has given an approving nod to a Minnesota court's ruling that Jammie Thomas-Rasset pay the Recording Industry Association of America $1.92 million in statutory damages for the illegal downloads of 24 tracks on the peer-to-peer site Kazaa.

"That amounts to $80,000 per track, a figure Thomas-Rasset is challenging on both constitutional and procedural grounds."

Brace Yourself for the SSD Revolution

"The reason SSDs will begin to take over is that they offer some outstanding benefits to server administrators. Many of these stem from the fact that an SSD has no moving parts, unlike a conventional hard drive, which has rapidly spinning platters and complex moving read/write heads. Because it is solid state, an SSD is not prone to mechanical failure and is thus more reliable and able to withstand extreme shocks, vibrations and wide variations in temperature. This also means it uses far less power (perhaps 0.05W when idle and 2.4W when in use compared to 4.5W when idle and 6W when in use for a conventional hard drive,) and generates much less heat that then has to be dissipated."

Enterprise Software: Big Insecurity

"A majority of IT practitioners feel their company lacks adequate policies, procedures, and security techniques in managing threats to data in development environments."

U.S. Broadband Growth Slowest in Eight Years

"Today brought more bad news to those who fear that the U.S. is falling behind in broadband.

According to a new report by broadband, media and entertainment analyst firm Leichtman Research Group (LRG), the U.S. added a net 634,000 broadband subscribers during the second quarter of 2009."

Federal future cloudy for Microsoft Word

"Federal officials are wondering whether a recent injunction against Microsoft will force them to rethink their software purchase plans and are unsure how much they can count on the popular word processing software to be available in the months and years ahead. "

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