In the Beginning…

Apache 1.3.2 was released. And it was Good.

On this day, eight years ago, Linux Today was launched. And look how it has grown so far. It is a site that garners a half-million hits and is read by nearly 100,000 people daily. It provides the latest news and information about Linux, open source, and free software on a 24/7 basis to an entire planet of Linux users and that growing collection of people who are interested in becoming penguin-philes.

We provide links and content on a continual basis… what if we could offer more? So, on our eighth anniversary, I am pleased to announce that we are offering more: a collection of blogs from a wide variety of community members that will offer insight and knowledge into many aspects of the open source world–from business to technical.

For the past few months, I have been extending the invitation to join our blog to associates and friends in the community that I felt would have the best messages to share. Without further ado, I will introduce them here.



Tom Adelstein. Tom is a system administrator and a technical writer by trade, and is the author of several technology articles for various media outlets, as well as blog entries for Linux Journal. He is also the former editor in chief of LXer, a web site with a mission similar to Linux Today’s. He is proof that professionalism can rise above competition.

Paula Hunter. Paula is the Vice President of US Marketing for Collax, Inc., a company that is selling a turn-key software solution that will compete with MS Small Business Server. Her last gig was Marketing and Business Development director at OSDL, and a while back she was the general manager of UnitedLinux. Her experience in the industry runs deep.

Kir Kolyshkin. Kir is project leader for the OpenVZ virtualization project, the open source implementation of SWsoft’s virtualization technology. He can do amazing things with OpenVZ, and knows a great deal about this growing virtual phenomena.

Dee-Ann LeBlanc. Dee-Ann is the author of several editions of Linux for Dummies, among other well-known Linux titles. She knows the open source industry like the back of her hand, and has a penchant for focusing on gaming applications.

Rob Reilly. Rob is an open source consultant turned writer who began his professional journalism career with Linux Today and LinuxPlanet. He has an engineer’s eye for detail and knows all about the trials and tribulations of being a small IT consultant.

John Terpstra. John is one of my favorite people, in or out of the industry. Now a member of the Digital Media Group with AMD, he is also a long-term member of the Samba Team, and has an encyclopedic knowledge about business, marketing, and technology. If he tells me something, I listen.

James Turner. James is a fellow pilot, and that’s not all we have in common. A former editor of LinuxWorld Magazine and a Senior Editor with LinuxPlanet, James is one of the truly great hackers of our time, and not just because he has a server rack in his home.



This is, I hope, just the start. I have some other invitations out there to some notables in the Linux world, and as time allows, hopefully they will join us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Donna Krivda, Chris Cosden, Damir Vamoser, and Heidi Crye for all of their help integrating this new blog system into the LT framework.

This is the beginning, I hope, of something really good–a way of giving LT readers our own slant on the events of the day and the trends that are shaping the future of open source.

We hope you enjoy our birthday present.

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