OpenVZ and the SLES Kernel

I think my interest in virtualization was really jump-started when I saw Kir Kolyshkin give a quick OpenVZ demo at SCALE 4X a couple of years ago.

That sounds rather fanboy-ish, but truthfully until that time my only experience with virtualization was with a ponderously slow VMWare client running Red Hat on a Window XP machine. Yick.

In his demo, Kir really showed the audience the true potential of virtualization when it’s quick and easy to maintain.

Since then, I have kept an eye on OpenVZ, but I was a bit remiss last week when I missed this announcement on their project blog made eight days ago. (Hey, I’ve been busy!)

In it, Kir announced that they picked up where they left off on their work integrating OpenVZ into a SLES-based kernel and now they have a stable version of that kernel ready to go. Based on SLES10.

This is a good thing for all you SLES users out there (c’mon, you know who you are) and I recommend you give it a try if you’ve ever been at all curious about virtualizing your servers.