‘2.2.0-final’ is now 2.2.0 — IT’S OFFICIAL!

“Yes. It really happened.” — Linus

With this terse statement contained only in the README file in
the US
Kernel.org mirror
site, Linus Torvalds has launched the
long-awaited 2.2 Linux kernel, two years in development.

While you are downloading the new kernel,
take time to read up on the new kernel with the following

Linux kernel 2.2 explained:
Should I upgrade? How do I upgrade? Any big problems I can expect?
Linux Today’s Dave Whitinger examines the 2.2.0 Linux kernel with a
practical eye.

The Wonderful World of Linux
: Originally published by Linux Today in October, this
excellent overview by Joseph Pranevich has been updated with the
latest information.