2.6.24-rc1, “One of the Biggest -rc Releases Ever”

“‘This may count as one of the biggest -rc releases ever. It’s
humongous. Usually the compressed -rc1 diffs are in the 3-5MB
range, with occasional smaller ones, and the occasional ones that
top 6M, but this one is *eleven* megs,’ Linus Torvalds announced
the first release candidate of the upcoming 2.6.24 kernel. He
summarized some of the changes, ‘in short, we just had an unusually
large amount of not just x86 merges, but also tons of new drivers
(wireless networking stands out, but is by no means the only
thing–we’ve got dvb, regular wired network, mmc etc all joining
in), and a fair amount or architecture stuff, filesystems,
networking etc too…'”

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