32BitsOnline: Hummingbird Exceed: A Fast and Versatile PC X Server

[ Thanks to John Ross
for this link. ]

When communicating with Unix or Linux systems from a
Windows machine can sometimes be a tedious process, and tends to be
done with programs such as telnet and ftp. But, when one needs to
run a graphical application, telnet and ftp won’t help too much.
Enter Exceed, a PC-based X server with a host of utilities that
will make any Unix or Linux geek feel at home….

“In addition to local vs. remote window management, you can
choose having everything displayed in within a single window/”root
desktop” or with multiple windows. The single window approach will
make it seem more like you are actually sitting at the remote
machine, while the multiple window approach, especially when
combined with using the native Windows WM, makes it seem like the
apps are all running separately on your machine. When running only
an application or two, the multiple window mode is less intrusive,
but when you want to run the entire Gnome or KDE environments,
single window mode is definitely the way to go….”

“I found one pleasant surprise after installing Exceed. It
allows you to run INETD if you wish. I’m sure most Unix people know
what I am referring to, but for the rest of you, INETD is used to
handle the loading of daemons (services) such as Telnet. In the
case of Exceed, you can have INETD handle Bootpd, Fingerd, Ftpd,
Lpd, Telnetd, Xstartd, Tftpd, Timed, and Tnamed. If you are using
the product on Windows 9x, you need to keep usernames and passwords
in a separate file, but under NT it can be tied to users and groups
on the server.”

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