32BitsOnline: Judge Says Microsoft Wields Monopoly

“Microsoft Corp. has used its unparalleled dominance in the
computer industry to bully rivals and squelch competition, a
federal judge ruled Friday in a stinging decision that lays the
foundation for a final judgment that could fundamentally realign
the multibillion-dollar technology industry….”

“Microsoft possesses a dominant, persistent and increasing share
of the worldwide market for Intel-compatible PC operating systems”
with its Windows software, Jackson wrote, noting that every year
for the past decade, Microsoft’s market share has been more than 90
percent, and for the past couple of years it has been at least 95

“In finding that Microsoft possesses monopoly power, Jackson
rejected Microsoft’s arguments that it faces immediate competitive
threats from a rival operating system called Linux, Sun
Microsystems Inc.’s Java technology, slimmed-down “network
computers,” hand-held organizers and other electronic devices.
For while consumers might one day turn to network computers,
or Linux, or a combination of middleware and some other operating
system, as an alternative to Windows, the fact remains that they
are not doing so today
,” Jackson wrote.”

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