32BitsOnline: SUN vs. BlackDown and Y2K Wishes

“Ah, yes. The powers that be at Sun finally show the true
meaning of Christmas by living up to their Just-in-time ™
“Community” license and announced that they have pulled the latest
JAVA 1.2.2 JDK out…without interference from anyone except
Inprise………..HUH? You mean that the Blackdown team really did
help on this? Well, If that was true, the marketing truthsayers at
SUN would have let us all know this, wouldn’t they?”

“Say What ?”

You mean that someone at the Open Source Developer’s Best
Friend, the same ones that hung up the banner at Comdex stating
that “Scott Mcnealy doesn’t want your money” FORGOT to credit the
Blackdown team for their critical and irreplaceable expertise in
getting this Java Development Kit out the door?
You have to be
kidding! Who the hell is in charge up there anyway? And by the way,
did SUN share their code and fixes with Blackdown, or did they just
let Blackdown do all the work??”

“In a related story, Kevin B Hendricks, lead developer of the
Blackdown team, resigned. That is a sad, sad commentary on the way
the Blackdown team has been treated.”

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