A Microsoft Slur in the OOXML Saga–Did I Tell You or Did I Tell You?

“The New Zealand Open Source Society is reporting that an
employee at Microsoft recently sent an email to one of the
technical bodies advising an NB involved in the OOXML ISO process,
smearing a man’s reputation, Matthew Holloway, apparently to
undermine his technical input which was critical of OOXML.
Standards New Zealand was took the claims so seriously that they
responded to parties who received this email. The New Zealand Open
Source Society has all the gruesome details, and the reason I’m
highlighting it here, aside from wanting to help undo a wrong, is
because NZOSS request that if the slur, or others like it, has
spread to other NBs or advisory bodies that you please direct them
to the defense of Mr. Holloway’s good name and reputation by
Standards New Zealand on that page…”