A report from OpenSQLCamp

“What do you get when you put together 80 to 100 hard-core
database geeks from ten different open source databases for a
weekend? OpenSQLCamp, which was held most recently at MIT. Begun
three years ago, OpenSQLCamp is a semi-annual unconference for open
source database hackers to meet and collaborate on ideas and
theories in the industry. It’s held at various locations
alternately in Europe and the United States, and organized and run
by volunteers. This year’s conference was organized by Sheeri
Cabral, a MySQL community leader who works for PalominoDB.

“This year’s event included database hackers who work on MySQL,
MariaDB, PostgreSQL, VoltDB, Tokutek, and Drizzle. In contrast to
the popular perception that the various database systems are in a
no-holds barred competition for industry supremacy, most people who
develop these systems are more interested in collaborating with
their peers than arguing with them. And although it’s OpenSQLCamp,
programmers from “NoSQL” databases were welcome and present,
including MongoDB, Membase, Cassandra, and BerkeleyDB.”

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