AbiWord Weekly News for September 6, 2000

This was the slowest week for development since the
beginning of the AbiWord Weekly News. Only five patches were
checked in, from four developers. There were no new developers this

“This week’s only big patch was from Bruce, who implemented the
Tabs dialog on Windows, and updated the Unix and XP versions to be
compatible. Unfortunately, this dialog proved to be rather buggy,
as is to be expected with such new code. Bruce also fixed a problem
with the Zoom selector on the Win32 toolbar.”

“The major reason for the lack of apparent development was the
hopefully imminent release of 0.7.11, whose cause was helped by a
few patches for BeOS from Stephane. Problems appear to currently on
BeOS and Solaris.”

“Another reason for the slowness of development this week was an
extended outage of the abisource.com website, caused by some
careless work with a backhoe in the vicinity of the SourceGear