AboutLinux.com: Optimizing for the Athlon (egcs under RedHat 6)

[ Thanks to Bill
for this link. ]

“Recently I wrote a review (at CPUReview) of Linux running on an
Athlon 600 based system. While the benchmark results I obtained for
that review were excellent; I could not help but feel that the
scores could be higher… and egcs has all those nice optimization

“I decided to run a series of experiments; covering the spectrum
from no optimization… to the equivalent of a K7-720 for memory
and integer oriented code – and by following the optimization
settings shown in the article, you can get up to 73% improvement on
some types of code.”

EGCS developers should take note of these results; the best
(overall) performing configuration did not turn in the best results
for all tests
; therefore examining the optimization settings
show here and the code for the benchmarks can tell them what
sections of the code generator and optimizer need to be tweaked to
produce even better Athlon results!