AFRC: SA software developers opt for Web platform

“The growing dominance of the Internet as a software
development platform over proprietary operating systems is
supported by the 1000% growth in membership of the Oracle
Technology Network (OTN)
, (http://technet.oracle.com), a
portal site for Internet developers seeking to build database
applications with Java, XML and Linux technologies.”

“OTN’s newly designed interface is said to simplify navigation
and the search for information pertinent to an end-user’s query.
Topic- based “portals” within OTN make it a one-stop shop for
content on all Internet technologies and Oracle products with links
to where developers can purchase books, sign up for professional
certification and receive online assistance – making it one of the
most comprehensive sites for developers building for the

“Such sections include Linux, Java and XML sites. In addition,
these sites offer implementation examples which offer step-by-step
directions of common development tasks.”

Press Release