AfterStep 1.6.6 – NextStep-like window manager

As posted to C.O.L.A.

The AfterStep Development team would like to announce the release of
stable version 1.6.6.  Many new features have been added over release
1.4.x. These include:

  o additional support for jpg and png images;
  o support for pseudo-transparent Eterms (without Esetroot);
  o support of transparent images for Wharf Pixmaps;
  o support for transparent (shaped) titlebar buttons.
  o new border methods for startmenu;
  o system wide startmenu definitions with selective user
  o nested folders in Wharf;
  o Wharf buttons can have arbitrary sizes;
  o added mini-pixmaps to startmenus;
  o added balloons;
  o added i18n internationalization support;
  o Perl scripts to automate the building and installing
          complete themes.

as well as easy compile for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, OpenBSD, and
OSF/1 (via configure).

Source code and binaries can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.afterstep.org

Think you missed stable release 1.5.0?  Well, think again!  Starting
with this release, AfterStep is adopting the even-odd-stable-devel
version numbering scheme.  Therefore, we are declaring work on AS
1.5.whatever to be development and 1.6 is the stable release of that
work.  No new features will be added to 1.6.  All new features will
be added to 1.7.x.  As we can, bug fixes will be applied to the 1.6
tree in the form of patches and periodic snapshots.
- --
 (__)  Doug Alcorn
 oo )  [email protected]