Alan Cox posts 2.1.131ac6 kernel.

From: Alan Cox <[email protected]>

Ok firstly this one _does not_ fix the make xconfig or the
attempt to copy irda.o error some folks see. I’ll take a look at
the irda one soon. This one is mostly little things

differences between 2.1.131ac5 and 2.1.131ac6

  • config.in fixes for irda/KERNELD->KMOD (Niels Jensen)
  • Opti 924 sound driver improvements (Torsten Duwe)
  • COSA driver update (Yenya)
  • SMP deadlock (Amnon Shiloh)
  • Missing lock; on btrl for scheduler (Ingo Molnar)
  • Memory check is now done after parsing user line, also MB not
    Mb (assorted pedants)
  • Updated ipchains url (Rusty)
  • Incorrect printk in NCR5380 driver (Mark Cooke)
  • More compile configuration fixes (Arjan/me)