Alan Cox releases kernel 2.1.131ac12

Alan Cox posted to

This is 2.1.131ac12. I've merged various fixes and some driver updates.
The 8390 SMP problem isn't fixed because it needs a fundamental problem
in the enable/disable_irq() code to be fixed. Basically what was sane 2.0
behaviour isnt sane 2.1 behaviour.

I've also sent a first small subset of patches (about 26 8)) to Linus for 



Differences between 2.1.131ac11 and 2.1.131ac12

o       Initio driver updated to use spinlocks (Bas Vermeulen)
o       NFS read race fix (Trond)
o       Atomicity fixes for modules (Zack Weinberg, me, rth)
o       drivers/char/macmouse is obsolete - deleted (Jes)
o       EATA-DMA driver marked obsolete. (me)
o       Hippi/Gig-E updates (Jes Sorensen)
o       Qlogic FC driver (Chris Loveland)
        |small mods by me. Its in cos I need it for something, its not
        |in the for Linus queue yet although it seems pretty solid.
o       MSDOS bigger fs support (c/o Gordon Chaffee)
o       IRDA update (Dag)
o       OPL3SA* driver update (Scott Murray)
o       PCI sound updates (Thomas Sailer)
o       Big block of configuration validity fixes (Arjan)
o       Timestamp monotinicity glitch cured (Andrea)
o       m68k merge (Jes, Jesper, Michael, Two Daves and more..)

Differences between 2.1.131ac10 and 2.1.131ac11

o       Further vfs cleanups (Alexander Viro)
o       Colour Quickcam update (Phil Blundell)
o       Wanrouter config fixes (Several people)
o       Changes updates (Chris Ricker)
o       Further VIA DMA work arounds (Ed Schlunder)
o       Reverted the MAD16 PnP patch as it plays up some other cards
o       Roadrunner and Acenic updates (Jes Sorensen)
o       Documentation updates (Phil Blundell, Russell King)
o       ACard driver for 2.1.x (Acard, forward port by Krzysztof G.
        | Can people with ACard boards test this.
o       AMI MegaRAID driver (AMI/Dell)
o       IRDA updates (Dag)
o       8390 SMP corruption fix (Eugene Kuznetsov)
o       KNFSD dynamic readahead caches (G. Allen Morris III)
o       AMD name corrections (Jauder Ho)
o       SLHC compile time fix (Arjan)
o       Masq updates (Juanjo)
o       EPIC driver updates (Donald Becker)

Differences between 2.1.131ac9 and 2.1.131ac10

o       VFS rmdir fix (Mike Galbraith)
o       Make xconfig might now work again
o       More on NFS caching/locking (Jamie Lokier)
o       AIC7xxx driver update (Doug Ledford)
o       Alpha performance counters (Phillip Ezolt)

Differences between 2.1.131ac8 and 2.1.131ac9

o       Multiple APICs automatically trigger apic disable (me)
o       VFS fixes (Alexander Viro)
o       Document new ip sysctl (Tristan.Greaves)
o       AMD CPUID fix (Philipp Rumpf)
o       IPX NCP acceleration patch as 2.0.x (Unknown)
o       Fix various suser()->cap_net_admin() (me)
o       Config.help update for AEDSP (Riccardo)

*       If you use an old version of patch you MUST also do
*       rm arch/i386/lib/checksum.[co] otherwise you will
*       get a failed build.

Differences between 2.1.131ac7 and 2.1.131ac8

o       IRDA update (Dag)
o       MCA 53c9x update (Tymm)
o       Some misc cleanups (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
        | not all applied
o       Parport cleanp/update (Tim Waugh)
o       Digiboard PCI sign bug (HoraPe)
o       CheckConfig cleanups (Nils Jensen)
o       ip checksum is egcs friendly (Bernd Schmidt)
o       A few more of Arjan's compile fixes (Arjan)
o       NFS writeback fixes (Trond)
o       Shared memory compatibility glitch with libc5 (me)
        | Also stuck in the DIPC used constants so we dont borrow them
        | by accident.
o       Posix locking bugs (Jamie Lokier)
o       VM go faster stripes (Stephen Tweedie)

Differences between 2.1.131ac6 and 2.1.131ac7

o       Forward ported the Multitech ISI driver to 2.1.x (me)
o       VFAT rename fix (Alexander Viro)
o       Makefile fix for misc modules only (Nick Holloway)
o       Small swapping  fix (Stephen Tweedie)
o       Masq fix (Juanjo)
o       Config cleanups (Riley, me, others)
o       3c509 registers its IRQ by device name as do other net devs 
        (Joeri van Dooren)
o       Fix warning in init.c (Nils Jensen)
o       SCSI disk fixed bug when using certain numbers of drives (Jirka)
o       Initio SCSI driver (Initio & Bas Vermeulen)
o       RCPCI45 driver forward ported (me)

Differences between 2.1.131ac5 and 2.1.131ac6

o       config.in fixes for irda/KERNELD->KMOD (Niels Jensen)
o       Opti 924 sound driver improvements (Torsten Duwe)
o       COSA driver update (Yenya)
o       SMP deadlock (Amnon Shiloh)
o       Missing lock; on btrl for scheduler (Ingo Molnar)
o       Memory check is now done after parsing user line, also MB not Mb
        (assorted pedants)
o       Updated ipchains url (Rusty)
o       Incorrect printk in NCR5380 driver (Mark Cooke)
o       More compile configuration fixes (Arjan/me)
Differences between 2.1.131ac4 and 2.1.131ac5

o       IRDA merge (Dag)
        | For those wondering 'feature freeze', you'll note that the
        | actual kernel impact of these patches on the existing code is
        | 3 lines. Two of which are #ifdef and #endif....
o       Assorted compile fixes - especially for Alpha (various)
o       Further rmdir cleanups (Alexander Viro)
o       VM updates (Rik,Stephen)
o       IDE reset/assorted timer wrap fixes (Jens Axboe)
o       knfsd cache handling bug fix (David Mansfield)
o       Masq update (Juanjo)
o       Message queues can be bigger and are tunable via /proc (Peeter Joot)
        | Note - this has libc compatibility issues but only if you set the
        | queue sizes bigger than 64K. So the as shipped kernel is back
        | compatible. (if its not shout now)
o       Moved some PCI ethernet drivers into the PCI section
o       ps/aux preprocessor tweak
o       Extra SMC card added to pci defs
o       Another bunch of compile combination fixes from Arjan (not all he
        sent are in but most)
o       CONFIG_SMP (Michael Chastain)

Differences between 2.1.131ac3 and 2.1.131ac4

o       AIC7xxx fix  (indirectly Doug Ledford)
o       ad1816 sound update (Thorsten Knabe)
o       MAXMEM used is displayed if limited (Ingo)
o       Missing/extra restore flag/cli stuff cleaned up (Oleg Drokin)
o       Const cleanups for parport (Tim Waugh)
o       Serial double setup crash fix (Ted Tso)
o       Some netsyms changes for more compiles (Arjan/Me)
o       Config.h fixes (Niels Jensen)
o       tunelp location correction (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       nbd mods to start getting  md over nbd workable (Pavel)
o       Some ide-scsi drivers do have LUN's - reverse the patch for that
        pending a better way to spot multilun ide
o       Alpha lock definiton fix when SMP=1 
o       NCR MCA motherboard NCR539C94 SCSI support (Tym)

Differences between 2.1.131ac2 and 2.1.131ac3

o       There is a boot option "noapic" for booting SMP machines that
        the IO APIC code doesnt work on. All IRQ's end up on CPU0 ala 2.0
        if this is set (Tigran Aivazian)
o       COSA bug fix (Yenya)
o       IDE drivers in ide-scsi have but one LUN (Dave Woodhouse)
o       Multisound updates  (Andrew Veliath)
o       8390 deadlock fix  (me)
o       Updated bttv documentation slightly (me)
o       Unixware disk slices (Krzysztof G. Baranowski)
o       ARM merge (Russ King)
o       Kernel NFSD fixes (assorted)
o       Big file handle sets done right (Bill Hawes, Stephen Tweedie)
o       Updated DECnet project URL (Steve Whitehouse)
o       Fix for MTU problems in the z85230 driver. (me)
o       Sound could blow up when fed negative sizes. (Oleg Drokin)

Differences between 2.1.131 and 2.1.131ac2

o       Current egcs assembler fixes (partially complete)
o       More time wrap fixes
o       Better CPU detection
o       SYS5 IPC cleanup
o       SYS5 shared memory size configurable
o       OpenBSD partitions
o       setuid directory bits not reset wrongly
o       Bridge has a nice /proc
o       Support for big file arrays (will be replaced by a nice solution
        from Bill Hawes/Stephen Tweedie next time)
o       Sysctl can tune rtsignal queues
o       Bogus icmp reporting is sysctl controllable
o       IPX networking autobinds.
o       Minor sunrpc fixes
o       make checkhelp
o       AVL tree for programs with large numbers of VMAs (eg netscape/X)
o       More configurations actually compile (not all Arjans stuff is done yet)
o       TDA9580 support in the tv driver
o       8390 and 3c509 drivers are more SMP safe (bug in 8390 see bottom)
o       8390 based cards dont crash on unload (ne2000/wd etc)
o       8390 drivers with register maps are typed right (680x0 stuff)
o       v1.03 EPIC driver (the one Linus hates 8))
o       SMC token ring driver (doesnt work yet)
o       Work around for sound crashes with VIA chipsets
o       Parport doesnt hang on boot probe with a qcam-vc attached
o       SCSI supports IBM PS/2 bus ordering (backward to PC)
o       Updated lance driver
o       Can't generate files over 2Gig long on vfat/fat
o       ISOfs ident fixes/DVD size handling.
o       Some of the knfsd fixes (hopefully all merged for ac3)
o       SyncPPP mtu bug fix
o       COSA wan card driver (up to dual 10Mbit)
o       AD1816 series sound card support
o       Newer AWE32 driver
o       More modular sound docs (including an update)
o       OPL3SA2 crash bug fixed
o       NoName sound crash bug fix
o       Credit file updates
o       IRQ settable in busmouse/msbusmouse
o       SMP friendly 3c501 driver (sorry had to be done)

--- drivers/net/8390.c~ Thu Dec  3 15:57:49 1998
+++ drivers/net/8390.c  Thu Dec  3 19:34:44 1998
@@ -135,8 +135,8 @@
 extern inline void unlock_8390_page(struct device *dev)
        struct ei_device *ei_local = (struct ei_device *) dev->priv;
-       enable_irq(dev->irq);
+       enable_irq(dev->irq);
 #define lock_8390_page(x)