AllLinuxDevices: David Sugar: Bayonne Reaches Milestone #5

“Milestone #5 of Bayonne, the telephony server of the GNU
project, has been released and is available from
ftp://www.voxilla.org/pub/bayonne. This new milestone offers
support for both GNU/Linux and FreeBSD systems. Pre-build FreeBSD
binaries may be found at

“This milestone offers support for Voicetronix’s new unified
telephony driver for both FreeBSD and GNU/Linux. In addition,
Bayonne continues to support Pika “MonteCarlo” based DSP telephony
cards under GNU/Linux, and Quicknet cards under GNU/Linux. This
milestone also supports the proposed FreeBSD Quicknet driver.”

“Bayonne can be used to create telephony services under free
operating systems such as enterprise Voice Mail and unified
messaging, general purpose voice response, call distribution and
paging systems, and remote telephone system administration. Bayonne
is modular and can be extended thru user written loadable modules,
thru a native scripting language, or thru external “perl” scripts
using “TGI”. Bayonne is free software and may be directly modified
as needed.”

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