Amiga announces relationship with Corel Corporation

Thanks to Benno Senoner
for this link.

“Today, Amiga announced that they are working closely with Corel
Corporation to insure that several of Corel’s award winning
software applications will be supported on Amiga’s new line of
products that are scheduled for release later this year.”

“This announcement follows Amiga’s recent announcement that they
have selected Linux as the OS kernel for the new Amiga Operating
Environment. ‘We are extremely excited about our relationship with
Corel and their entire product line’, said Jim Collas, President
and CEO of Amiga, ‘This insures that our customers who purchase the
new Amiga systems will have world class personal productivity
applications such as the upcoming WordPerfect Office for

“Customers have made over 1 million download attempts for
Corel® WordPerfect® 8 for Linux® since Corel made the
product available on their web site last December. ‘We expected the
Linux version to do well,’ said Dr. Michael Cowpland, Chief
Executive Officer and President of Corel, ‘but one million download
attempts is extraordinary. Not only does it speak volumes for
WordPerfect, I think it is somewhat indicative of the growing
popularity of Linux. We expect the release of WordPerfect Office
for Linux will be an even greater success when we release it early
next year.'”

“As Amiga approaches the release dates of the new Amiga
Operating Environment and the Amiga MCC (Multimedia Convergence
Computer), we will be announcing more details on these and other
products and their availability dates.”