An introduction to Embedded Linux, BeagleBoard & its Linux kernel port

[ Thanks to Linux User &
Developer magazine
for this link. ]

“While popular, many enthusiasts find these devices inaccessible
from a development viewpoint, being content to try some well-tested
‘alternative’ firmware in their home router (such as DD-WRT or
OpenWRT) but not really feeling empowered to build their own
embedded Linux devices or get involved with embedded kernel
development. After all, building such a device from scratch is
outside of the resources available to or capability of most
enthusiasts. Few of us have access to the software and tools
required to make complex multi-layered circuit boards, even if we
do have the necessary understanding to put it all together. In
addition, because consumer electronics hardware is not generally
intended to be modified by consumers, many people don’t want to
risk ‘bricking’ their expensive gadgets in the process of learning
more about how they work, or to enhance their design.”

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