Analyze Java Programs on Multi-Core Hardware

[ Thanks to jmalasko for this link.

“The Data Collection Java Agent component is a
dynamically loadable library that can be loaded into the address
space of the Java process. It features intelligent installation and
uninstallation of handlers for relevant JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
internal events. If the data collector for Linux component above is
also installed, this component will poll performance data from the
kernel module and write them into trace files.

“The Visual Analyzer is an Eclipse-based RCP performance
visualization and analysis tool. The implementation of the analyzer
was based on an existing framework from IBM TuningFork
Visualization Tool, which was developed for profiling Real-time
Java virtual machine and applications and which is also available
here at alphaWorks. The main advantage of using this Visual
Analyzer is that it provides a rich set of predefined figures and
views for performance analysis, as well as various supports to user


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