Announcing Java 2 (JDK 1.2) Pre-Release for LinuxPPC

Kevin B. Hendricks

Announcing Pre-Release version 1 of Sun’s JDK 1.2 (Java 2) for
Linux on PowerPC from the Blackdown JDK porting team!

This is a *pre-release* version of JDK 1.2

  • passed all non-interactive JCK tests for compiler, runtime-vm,
    and runtime lang (the remaining tests have not been run yet).
  • both green (very stable) and native threads (beta at best)
  • green threads is the default. to force either threads type use:
    java -green XXXXXX or java -native XXXXX
  • for glibc 1.99 (DR3, R4, R4.1) (No R5 glibc 2.1 version
  • NO Metrowerks JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler is available *yet*
    (jit interface changed significantly from JDK 1.1.7 to JDK
  • This port is statically linked with Motif 2.1.
  • This port was developed under a sepcial Sun’s license agreement
    with Blackdown via Steve Byrne (Thank you Steve!)

Please note:

All of the development and testing was done using Paul
Mackerras’s Linux-PMac 2.2.1 kernel with Gary Thomas’s latest glibc
1.99 (1o) installed over DR3/R4 user space.

The home website is still:


but Apple via Gilbert Coville has graciously provided a mirror
site for all of the files needed for the JDK to run on LinuxPPC /


I hope you enjoy the numerous improvements available in JDK


Kevin Hendricks

…with a special thanks to the other Blackdown Porting Team
members: Steve Byrne, Juergen Kreileder, Johan Vos, Anand
Palaniswamy, David Connelly, Karl Asha, Kars de Jong, Scott
Hutinger, Michael Sinz, and Brad Crochet; and to Kevin Buettner for
doing the initial JDK 1.1 porting work to PowerPC.

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