AntiX 13.2 – More Modern But Still Some Quirks

This is a review of antiX 13.2, a distribution built on Debian and Mepis Linux. To make it clear right from the start, I really, really liked antiX where it worked. It’s come some way since 11 and while that release wasn’t exactly bad, just having a few too many problems for my taste, 13.2 features a lot of improvements and overall feels more modern. I had actually been running 13.1 for quite a while in VMwarePlayer where it performed extremely nicely – solid and fast, very responsive, as you would expect from a light distribution with minimal window managers, not much fluff, and tweaked to run on older machines using as little resources as possible. It is of course built on the venerable Debian ‘Wheezy’ release branch, giving stability and access to a huge range of packages in repositories and out there, mostly proprietary packages on the web. 13.2 is just a maintenance update and does not change the current line much but a few packages have been swapped out.