Apache Axis2 Web Services: Writing an Axis2 Module

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“In this article, we will learn that the Axis2 module
provides a very flexible way to extend the Axis2 core functionality
and provides quality service. Moreover, we’ll discuss the module
and related concepts by writing a sample module and demonstrating
most of the commonly used configuration settings. In our sample
application, we discuss how to write handlers, how to write module
implementation classes, and finally, how to put everything together
and deploy the module. At the end of the article, we learn how to
engage a module to Axis2.

“In this article by Deepal Jayasinghe and Afkham Azeez, we will
discuss the power of Axis2 modules and how to use them to extend
Axis2 to support your own requirements. In particular, we will
discuss the following items:

* Brief history of the Axis2 module and introduce module concept
and its structure
* Module configuration file (module.xml)
* Optional module implementation class
* Steps to writing a module.xml file
* Deploying and engaging a module
* Brief overview of the WS-Policy and its usage in modules”

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