AppWatch: Enlightenment 0.16.4 released

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for this announcement: ]

The world’s most beautiful (and probably resource
intensive) window manager just got a new version. New features
include suport for Xinerama (multiple heads in XFree 4.x),
Internationalization, and many new user-configurable

“Enlightenment is a window manager for X. It’s design goal is to be
as configurable as possible – in look AND in feel. Currently in the
look department it pretty much has that done. You can design your
own window borders, menus, and other elements of your screen to
look any way you like. Enlightenments current design aim is to
become a desktop shell. That means it will manage your application
windows, being able to launch applications, and also manage your

“The relevant
changes history
are available at AppWatch.com.”