AsiaBizTech: Major PC Vendors Focus on Linux Support

“Japan’s major PC makers are getting serious about the Linux
operating system as they are offering new PC servers with Linux
pre-installed and services to set up Linux systems for

Hitachi Ltd. unveiled its HA8000/InterStation Linux PC
server on Oct. 13. It is offered as part of a comprehensive
The package features three HA8000/30 PC servers,
Linux distribution software “Japanese language version of redhat
Linux 5.2″ for each machine, a backup power supply in case the main
supply is disrupted, and a service that provides installation of
all the software….”

“NEC and Fujitsu limit their Linux verification work to low-end
machines. Fujitsu says that the current version 2.2 Linux kernel is
not able to bring out the best performance in machines with more
than four processors. NEC cites the same reason, and it adds that
when version 2.4 (which will be totally compatible with
multi-processor servers) becomes available it will expand its Linux
line to include high-end models.”

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