Asterisk 1.8 Secures Open Source VoIP

“Finally, there is a new long-term support (LTS) version of the
open source Asterisk VoIP IP-PBX system. Asterisk 1.8 is being
released this week, marking the first new LTS for Asterisk since
the 1.4 release in 2006 .

“The new Asterisk 1.8 release is intended to be supported for at
least the next four years, as part of a new support model the
project first discussed earlier this year. Asterisk 1.8 packs in a
long list of new features, including reverse call display and
integrated Google Voice support.

“”This is huge news for people that are building commercial
systems or their own phone system out of Asterisk, as they’ll get
four years of support from Digium,” Steve Sokol product manager at
Digium told InternetNews.com. “So if people are looking to jump in
and start developing a solution based on Asterisk, this is the
right time.”