australia.internet.com: UNSW Becomes Part of HP-Backed Linux Foundation

[ Thanks to Niki
for this link. ]

“The contributions of UNSW will be mostly at the lowest level
such as kernel and drivers. They will stretch from relatively
mundane tasks such as porting drivers and ensuring their 64-bit
cleanness, to exciting research projects. An example of the latter
is adding support for multiple page sizes to the kernel, which has
the potential of dramatically reducing system overheads by
overcoming the well-known TLB bottleneck. These enhancements will
particularly benefit large servers.”

“Membership of Gelato is open to all academic, government and
corporate entities. New members are eligible to have
representatives on Gelato’s governing strategy council.

“Heiser’s team have previously worked on 64-bit operating
systems for several years. ‘For example, we have produced the
fastest kernels for the MIPS and Alpha 64-bit architectures,” he
explains. “We have also built an operating system which is designed
specifically to take advantage of the huge address spaces offered
by 64-bit architectures.’…”


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